What makes The Sensory Gym different from other facilities in the area?

 The Sensory Gym promotes growth and development through means of play and sensory exploration. Every child needs "x" amount of sensory input throughout a day to learn to adapt to different environments. Some kids, need a ton of input, and some need very little. The space provides various means of sensory stimulation throughout for whatever amount of input a kid might need. 

Play is a crucial part of a child's development. The more opportunities a child has to play, the more opportunities they have to grow. The 8 areas of Occupation in life include Activities of Daily Living (taking care of yourself), Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (taking care of others), Work, Education, Play, Leisure, Social Participation, Rest/Sleep, and PLAY. For children, their main focus is play and social participation. The Sensory Gym provides these areas of occupation to promotes growth and development. 

Cost for parents/kids?

 The price has been kept low to allow any family, no matter their income, to play and participate. Many play places in the United States charge parents/caretakers to enter the space and watch their children. PARENTS/CAREGIVERS do not pay to enter the gym. Safety being a concern, no child in tow, no entry.

Do you provide memberships?

Yes. Memberships are a cost effective way to use the gym if you plan on coming more than 4 times/month. With a membership, you are able to use the gym during all open hours.

What's at the gym?

*Climbing units
*Sensory room (flashing lights, tactile wall, weighted blankets, and more!)
*Large raceway area
*Sand table
*Toddler/infant area
*Ball pit
*Bounce House
*...and more!

Do you provide Birthday Parties?

YES!!!! We provide the space for any type of events. Click Here for more information!

What ages do you cater to?

The gym is catered towards kids ages 0-8. There will also be 2 "Sensory Hours" during the week that will be beneficial for kids of various ages.