About the Owner

-Tyler Hunt COTA/L-

Mr. Hunt developed The Sensory Gym to open more outlets in the Augusta/Gardiner areas for children to grow and develop.  He has worked in the Special Education field for the past 8 years and believes the same developmental tools he has used in the clinic will benefit any young child in the community. The Sensory Gym is beneficial for all children!

Mr. Hunt has five years experience working as a coach in the local Augusta area, five years as a Behavioral Health Professional, three years as an Educational Technician, and two years as a pediatric Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA/L). As a Licensed Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, he specialized in working with children who have Sensory Processing difficulties, ADHD, Autism, as well as fine motor and gross motor deficits. 

His positive-approach philosophy allowed children to set and to meet their own individual goals, which will help them function more efficiently and effectively in everyday life. 

His favorite skill involves teaching developmental skills one-on-one and with groups.